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We support you in building your wealth strategy and in selecting suitable and efficient tools.

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Our wealth management consulting firm was created in 2009, with the ambition of transforming the private management model to make it more readable, more transparent and more ethical.

Our advisory service is designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and high-income executives, who are wondering about the best options to take in terms of investments, taxation and provident insurance.

Compared to private banks, our firm is independent, which means that you are sure to have access to the best solutions on the market. Our remuneration is partly indexed to the gains we make to our clients, so we are very interested in giving the best advice.


Enterprise Investment is a wealth management consulting firm. We manage 130 million euros on behalf of 230 families and companies.


A wealth management consulting firm (CGP) supports its clients, individuals and / or companies in the implementation of a long-term strategy. He is likely to intervene on legal, tax and especially financial issues by selecting for his clients the investment solutions most suited to their situations.


Compared to private banks, our firm is free to offer all the solutions that we consider relevant for our clients. Compared to “Internet” players, who only position themselves on the provision of a solution, we offer a real service of advice and support over the long term.

Finally, compared to other CGP firms, our remuneration is partly indexed to the earnings of our clients. While this is not a guarantee of results, the convergence of interests represents a very strong guarantee of our highest involvement.


We offer a global approach primarily focused on wealth strategy consulting . After an in-depth study of your situation and according to your objectives, we will offer you the solutions that seem to us to be the most suitable (strategy and overall action plan, financial investments, real estate, tax optimization, etc.).

We are able to offer you both defensive strategies , which aim to protect your assets from the vagaries of the markets, as well as more dynamic strategies which tend to generate higher performance . 

We have our own investment convictions and develop our own asset allocation, in line with the real economy and the long-term trends that will influence the world of tomorrow. 


The first meeting allows us to present our firm to you and to discover your history and your objectives.

After an in-depth study of your situation, we will present to you during a second interview the solutions that seem to us the most suited to your objectives and our support proposal .

With all the elements in hand (proposed action plan and pricing), you can quietly tell us if you want to continue working with us. This return is generally made a few days after the second meeting.


What are your financial goals?

  • Reduce my taxes
  • Prepare for my retirement
  • Develop my heritage
  • Pass on my heritage
  • Benefit from a global approach

Our investment and wealth management solutions


From real estate investment (Pinel, SCPI, Nue property, SCI, furnished, club deal, OPCI ...) to financial investment (Structured products, stocks, bonds, Girardin, PEA ...) our team supports you in all types of projects to allow you to obtain the best returns on the market.

Global asset management

We offer a holistic approach to our clients. It translates into complete management of all facets of your capital. We offer to support you both for the development and optimization of your investment strategies and for the management of your tax system. 


The constant evolution of taxation requires precise and up-to-date knowledge of the subject. Our advisers are empowered to advise you on the best tax-exempt investment solutions and on the overall management of your taxation to allow you to reduce your taxation as much as possible.

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

During the first meeting, we will introduce you to our firm and we will discover your history and your objectives.

After studying your financial situation, we will present our proposals and solutions to you during a second meeting, followed by our engagement letter.